Blumenstiel Immigration

S.S. Eider. This is the ship on which my great-grandfather, John William Blumenstiel, and his family immigrated to the USA in 1885. They moved from Reichensachsen, Hessen, Germany to Freeport, Illinois, USA. #genealogy #familyhistory #falknerjarrell #freeportillinois #blumenstielgenealogy #blumenstiel #familypictures #familyhistory #genealogy #oldphoto #ship #immigration #immigrants #immigrant #reichensachsen #wehretal #hessen #hesse #ellisisland #germany🇩🇪 #germany #ancestors #ancestor... Continue Reading →

Postcard of Reichensachsen, Germany

The Blumenstiel Family came from Reichensachsen, Germany to America in 1885. The town still exists today, as part of the city of Wehretal. The church pictured in the postcard is still central to the city.

Blumenstiel Sisters

My great-great aunts, Elizabeth Blumenstiel Williams and Helen Blumenstiel, in Reichensachsen, Hessen, Germany in the late 1870s. They immigated to Freeport , Illinois, USA with their family in 1885. Helen and their brother, William, ultimately settled in Spokane, Washington, USA. Elizabeth remained in Freeport. They were sisters to my great-grandfather, John William Blumenstiel. #falknerjarrell #familyhistory... Continue Reading →

Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel

Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel, my great-great grandmother. Reichensachsen, Hessen, Germany, late 19th Century. She immigrated to Illinois with her family in 1885. This photo was enhanced in My Heritage and being able to see her face is amazing. She died in 1889, and we only have a few photos. #falknerjarrell #vaupelgenealogy #vaupel #blumenstielgenealogy #blumenstiel #familyhistory #genealogy... Continue Reading →

Vaupel Family

Vaupel Family in Reichensachsen, Hessen (present day Germany), sometime before 1885. My 2x great-grandmother, Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel, stands between her parents. From left to right: George Vaupel (brother), Christian Vaupel (father), Christina, Anna Neuman Vaupel (mother). Christina’s brother, John Vaupel, established himself in Freeport, Illinois, USA and the rest of the family (except Christian, who... Continue Reading →

Birthplace of John William Blumenstiel

Birthplace of John William Blumenstiel, my great grandfather, in Reichensachsen, Hessen (present day Germany). The people in the photo owned the house after the Blumenstiel family relocated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. Reichensachsen is now part of Wehretal, a community in the Werra-MeiĂźner-Kreis in northeastern Hesse, Germany. Wehretal came into being in 1971 and... Continue Reading →

Anna Neuman Vaupel (1818-1908)

Anna Neuman Vaupel (1818-1908) immigrated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. She joined her daughter and son-in-law, Christina Vaupel and Adolph Blumenstiel in relocating from Reichensachsen, Hessen. Anna died in 1908, just before her 90th birthday. She had 3 other children in the USA: John Vaupel, George Vaupel, and Martha Vaupel Mayer. She was the... Continue Reading →

Blumenstiel Sisters – Circa 1880

Elizabeth (b. 1877) Helen (b. 1876) Blumenstiel were born in Reichensachsen, Hessen (present day Germany) to Adolph Wilhelm and Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel. They were sisters to John William Blumenstiel and paternal aunts to Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. The family immigrated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. This photograph is one of the few surviving pre-immigration images... Continue Reading →

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