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The author of the Falkner Jarrell Family History blog has been interested in family history since he was a child. He is descended from Vernon Lee and Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. The goal is to display genealogical data about these families to assist others researching their family trees.

All content on this blog is copyrighted and may not be re-used without specific permission from the blog author/owner.

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  1. Hello, My name is James Anderson. I live on property that borders the Jarrell Family Cemetery. I have always been interested in learning more about where the Jarrell homestead was actually located. I am not sure if was my property or located behind the cemetery. My neighbors pasture has two hand dug wells and what appears to have been old foundation locations. Do you have any information about the Jarrell homestead?


    1. Hello, Jim. Thanks for your e-mail. It is interesting that you are living near the family cemetery. Unfortunately, I do not have the details for the Jarrell homestead. But, you have peaked my interest and I’m looking around to see if anything comes up. I’ll let you know if I find anything helpful for locating the property.

      My great-grandfather, John Macready Jarrell, was a son of Ansel Marion Jarrell, who would owned the land and is buried in the cemetery. Our branch of the family moved to Michigan, where I grew up. We used to visit our relatives in Desloge, St Francois County periodically. I wish I had known about the Jarrell cemetery at that time, because I would have liked to visit.

      Best Regards,

      Craig Falkner


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