Emma May Falkner – Death Certificate

The mystery of my great-aunt, Emma May Falkner (1909-1934), Part II. In our last feature, Aunt May married Jesse Alfaro in Detroit under the assumed name of Aurora Menendez, when she was 16 years of age. She was out of touch with her family and I don’t think they knew her husband or her assumed... Continue Reading →

Emma May Falkner Marriage Certificate

The mystery of Emma May Falkner (1909-1934). Great Aunt May was born in Toronto, to English parents, and moved to Detroit, sometime after her mother’s death in the 1918 influenza epidemic. Her story took a startling turn in 1926 (age 16), when she married 25 year old Jesse Alfaro, under the name “Aurora Menendez”. Except... Continue Reading →

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