Emma May Falkner Marriage Certificate

The mystery of Emma May Falkner (1909-1934). Great Aunt May was born in Toronto, to English parents, and moved to Detroit, sometime after her mother’s death in the 1918 influenza epidemic. Her story took a startling turn in 1926 (age 16), when she married 25 year old Jesse Alfaro, under the name “Aurora Menendez”. Except for her father’s first name, all of May’s information on the marriage license is false. According to Jesse’s later account in an Alfaro family history, they met at a dance studio (she would have been 15 or younger) and “Aurora” was a Spanish girl who had gone to convent school. I wonder if he knew May’s real age and background. She was under the age of consent and they committed fraud on the marriage license, so there may have been reason to obscure the truth. The Emma May Falkner/Aurora Menendez saga was reconstructed using DNA evidence and by working with her descendants. I had one photo, which she sent to her brother (my grandfather) in the 1930s. Her family confirmed it was the same woman they knew as Aurora. Sadly, Aunt May died in 1934, in another plot twist that will be the subject of an upcoming post. #falknerjarrell #falknergenealogy #falkner #alfaro #familyhistory #genealogy #familyphotos #oldphotos #detroit #detroitmichigan #michigan #dancer #genealogia #genealogie #genealogía #genealogist #tragedy #tragicdeath #sister #death #marriagelicense #marriage #underage #greataunt #fraud #weddinglicense #wedding

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