Emma May Falkner – Death Certificate

The mystery of my great-aunt, Emma May Falkner (1909-1934), Part II. In our last feature, Aunt May married Jesse Alfaro in Detroit under the assumed name of Aurora Menendez, when she was 16 years of age. She was out of touch with her family and I don’t think they knew her husband or her assumed name. May left Jesse around 1930 and moved (with her son Armando) to New York, seeking work as a dancer. She re-established contact with her brother (my grandfather) at this time. During a 1934 trip to San Antonio, Texas, she contracted typhoid fever and died. The death certificate is under another stage name, Greta Kingston. Her son was travelling with her and her dance partner took the boy when he left San Antonio. By the time my grandfather was notified, the child was gone and he couldn’t find him. Armando eventually reunited with his father, but my grandfather never knew what happened to his nephew. Sadly, Armando thought his mother “abandoned” him and he never knew she had died. He passed in 2011, before I located my Alfaro cousins by DNA. I was able to share May’s story with her descendants, who only knew her as Aurora, a mysterious “Spanish” woman. They were were surprised to find she was actually English/Canadian. RIP Aunt May. #falknerjarrell #falknergenealogy #falkner #alfaro #familyhistory #genealogy #familyphotos #oldphotos #detroit #detroitmichigan #michigan #dancer #genealogia #genealogie #genealogía #genealogist #tragedy #tragicdeath #sister #death

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