Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Christmas, 1930s

Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Christmas, 1930s. Left to right: Laura Schermack Blumenstiel (my great-grandmother) Beatrice Wallace Blumenstiel, Vernon Jarrell (my maternal grandfather), Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell (my maternal grandmother), Walter Holmes, Anna K. Schermack, Alma Schermack Feneley, John William Blumenstiel (my great-grandfather). The couple at far right and three people sitting in front of them are unidentified. #falknerjarrell... Continue Reading →

Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Photo (early 1940s)

Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Photo (early 1940s). The children of Adolph William and Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel reunited in Detroit, Michigan. William and Helen came from Spokane, Washington and Elizabeth from Freeport, Illinois. Back row, left to right: Anna Schermack, John William Blumenstiel, Vernon Lee Jarrell, Alma Schermack Feneley, Laura Schermack Blumenstiel, Walter Holmes, Margaret Blumenstiel Holmes. Middle... Continue Reading →

Mary Ann Jarrell Genealogy Chart 07Jan2019

A genealogy chart is a work-in-progress, always changing as new discoveries are made and old information is updated. Below is the current chart for Mary Ann Jarrell, daughter of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell and Vernon Lee Jarrell.

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