Vaupel Family

Vaupel Family in Reichensachsen, Hessen (present day Germany), sometime before 1885. My 2x great-grandmother, Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel, stands between her parents. From left to right: George Vaupel (brother), Christian Vaupel (father), Christina, Anna Neuman Vaupel (mother). Christina‚Äôs brother, John Vaupel, established himself in Freeport, Illinois, USA and the rest of the family (except Christian, who... Continue Reading →

Vaupel Family in Reichensachsen, Hesse 19th Century

Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel immigrated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. She is pictured with her family (left to right): George (brother), Christian (father), Christina, Anna Neuman Vaupel (mother). The family lived in Reichensachsen, Hesse. Christina was the mother of John William Blumenstiel and grandmother of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #vaupelgenealogy #blumenstielgenealogy #falknerjarrell #familyhistory #genealogy #oldphotos #reichensachsen... Continue Reading →

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