Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Photo (early 1940s)

Blumenstiel/Schermack Family Photo (early 1940s). The children of Adolph William and Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel reunited in Detroit, Michigan. William and Helen came from Spokane, Washington and Elizabeth from Freeport, Illinois. Back row, left to right: Anna Schermack, John William Blumenstiel, Vernon Lee Jarrell, Alma Schermack Feneley, Laura Schermack Blumenstiel, Walter Holmes, Margaret Blumenstiel Holmes. Middle... Continue Reading →

Children of Adolph Wilhelm and Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel

Children of Adolph Wilhelm and Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel, late 19th Century. Left to right: John William, Helen, Elizabeth, and William Blumenstiel. The photo was taken in Freeport, Illinois, USA, where the family lived after migrating to the USA in 1885. John William Blumenstiel was the father of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #falknerjarrell #blumenstielgenealogy #freeportillinois #illinois #illinoishistory... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Blumenstiel Williams – Freeport, Illinois

Elizabeth Blumenstiel Williams (1877-1952) and family at their Freeport, Illinois home, circa 1920. She immigrated with her family to the USA from Reichensachsen, Hesse in 1885. Elizabeth was married to Arthur Williams, but was widowed in 1919, with 7 children. Elizabeth was the sister of John William Blumenstiel and aunt of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #falknerjarrell... Continue Reading →

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