Schermack Type III Perfins

One section of a chart of Schermack Type III perforations with private control marks, intended for use in Schermack mailing and vending machines. Sheets of stamps were cut into strips, pasted together in rolls, and perforated with the Schermack Type III “hyphen-hole” perforation. The control marks punched into the stamps denoted the company by which... Continue Reading →

Arcade Manufacturing – Freeport, Illinois

Arcade Manufacturing, Freeport, Illinois, USA. My great-great uncle, Joseph J. Schermack worked here in the late 19th/early 20th Century. He invented and patented two cork pullers, which were assigned to the company. He had a contentious departure from the company in 1902/3, as he sought to go into business for himself. He would go on... Continue Reading →

Schermack Siblings

Schermack great-great aunts/uncle in the early 1880s. They were siblings of my great-grandmother, Laura Schermack Blumenstiel, who was not yet born when the photo was taken. Left to right: Anna K. Schermack, Emma P. Schermack, and Joseph J. Schermack, Jr.. Taken in Freeport, Illinois, USA. #falknerjarrell #blumenstielgenealogy #blumenstiel #familyhistory #genealogy #familyphotos #oldphotos #oldphoto #detroit #detroithistory... Continue Reading →

Ruth Schermack and Edward Binkelman

Marriage license of my maternal grandmother’s first cousin, Ruth Schermack and Edward Binkelman (1929). Her father was my great-great uncle, Joseph J. Schermack, an inventor of mailing machines, vending machines and other devices. #familyhistory #detroit #schermackgenealogy #schermack #genealogy #falknerjarrell #vending #vendingmachines #josephjschermack #marriagelicense #cousin #ohio #lucascountyohio #toledoohio #ohiomarriage

Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. and Stella Saxe

Marriage license of my great-great uncle and aunt, Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. and Stella Saxe (1905). He was an inventor of mailing machines, vending machines and other devices. According to a Scientific American article in 1929, “he has done more to make automatic vending a commercial success than any man in this country”. He is... Continue Reading →

Joseph J. Schermack, Jr.

Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. (1876-1950), my great-great uncle. Inventor of mailing machines, vending machines and other devices. He is most associated with postage stamp vending machines and private stamp perforations made for use in his devices. He was born in Freeport, Illinois, USA and moved to Detroit in 1906 to found the Schermack Mailing Machine... Continue Reading →

Schermack “Talking Salesmen”

Schermack "Talking Salesmen" Vending Machines (1929). The machine used a “continuous bucket” system, which allowed different sizes/types of products to be vended. A phonograph was incorporated in the machine, so a short message, such as a compny slogan, would play when the crank was turned. These machines were invented and patented by the inventor Joseph... Continue Reading →

Schermack Triple Stamp Vending Machine

Schermack Triple Stamp Vending Machine (circa 1920s). It was invented by Joseph J. Schermack, my great-great uncle. #familyhistory #detroit #detroithistory #schermackcompanies #schermackgenealogy #stampvendingmachine #stampcollection #stampcollector #genealogy #falknerjarrell #vending #vendingmachines #schermack #josephjschermack #patent #inventor #inventions #oldpatent #coinop

Automatic Banking System – National Prosperity Association

Automatic Banking System - National Prosperity Association (circa 1920s). Joseph J. Schermack (my great-great uncle) invented a savings system which allowed depositors to purchase stamps for small amounts, paste them in books, and receive credit in their bank account once the book was full. A primary target market was schools, to encourage saving by young... Continue Reading →

Shermac Universal Envelope Sealer, 1905

Shermac Universal Envelope Sealer, 1905. My great-great uncle, Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. left his hometown of Freeport, Illinois, USA in about 1902 and moved to Chicago to seek his fortune. He worked with a number of companies, trying to bring his inventions to market. In 1905, the Hall Office Specialty produced his Universal Envelope Sealer... Continue Reading →

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