4 Generations – Vaupel Family (Circa 1908)

4 Generations - Vaupel Family (circa 1908). Anna Elisabetha Neuman Vaupel (at left) sits with her daughter, Martha Vaupel Mayer, grandson and great-grandson, before her death in 1908 at the age of 89. She had 4 children: John Vaupel, Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel, George Vaupel, and Martha Vaupel Mayer. The family migrated from Reichensachsen, Hessen to... Continue Reading →

John Vaupel Clothier in Freeport, Illinois, USA

John Vaupel Clothier in Freeport, Illinois, USA (postcard). John Vaupel was the brother of Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel. He immigrated to the USA and started a men's clothing business. Once he was established, other family members joined him. In 1885, his mother, Anna Neuman Vaupel, made the voyage to the New World with his sister and... Continue Reading →

Anna Neuman Vaupel (1818-1908)

Anna Neuman Vaupel (1818-1908) immigrated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. She joined her daughter and son-in-law, Christina Vaupel and Adolph Blumenstiel in relocating from Reichensachsen, Hessen. Anna died in 1908, just before her 90th birthday. She had 3 other children in the USA: John Vaupel, George Vaupel, and Martha Vaupel Mayer. She was the... Continue Reading →

Vaupel Family in Reichensachsen, Hesse 19th Century

Christina Vaupel Blumenstiel immigrated to Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1885. She is pictured with her family (left to right): George (brother), Christian (father), Christina, Anna Neuman Vaupel (mother). The family lived in Reichensachsen, Hesse. Christina was the mother of John William Blumenstiel and grandmother of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #vaupelgenealogy #blumenstielgenealogy #falknerjarrell #familyhistory #genealogy #oldphotos #reichensachsen... Continue Reading →

Mary Ann Jarrell Genealogy Chart 07Jan2019

A genealogy chart is a work-in-progress, always changing as new discoveries are made and old information is updated. Below is the current chart for Mary Ann Jarrell, daughter of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell and Vernon Lee Jarrell.

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