Mabel Forshee Jarrell (1880-1966)

Mabel Forshee Jarrell (1880-1966) at center. She was the mother of Vernon Lee Jarrell and wife of John McCready Jarrell. Born in St. Francois County, Missouri, USA, her family migrated to Detroit, Michigan, USA by 1920. Mabel was an excellent cook/baker, with chicken and dumplings and lemon cake among her specialities. She appears with niece Bessie Haile Calvird at left and daughter-in-law Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell, circa 1950s. Note that Dorothy is wearing pants, which was radical for the time. #familyhistory #familyphoto #genealogy #jarrellgenealogy #missouri #missourihistory #michiganhistory #falknerjarrell #oldphotos #detroithistory #detroit #michigan


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