Schermack Family (Circa 1915)

Schermack Family (Circa 1915). Amelia Schauer Schermack (in black) surrounded by her family. Back row, left to right: Charles Fenely, Joseph J. Schermack, Jr., Alfred Henry Schermack, Donald William Blumenstiel, John William Blumenstiel. Middle row, left to right: Laura Schermack Blumenstiel, Emma Schermack, Stella Saxe Schermack, Anna Schermack, Alma Schermack Fenely, Grace Richards Schermack. Front row, left to right: Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell, Ruth Schermack Binkelman, Amelia Schauer Schermack, Florence Schermack, Margret Schermack Rueger, Margaret Blumenstiel Holmes, Joseph S. Schermack. Foreground, left to right: Robert Schermack, Alfred Schermack.


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