Clara Blumenstiel Campbell and Children

Clara Blumenstiel Campbell and children. She was the half-sister of my great-grandfather, John William Blumenstiel. She lived until 1989, when she was 98 years of age. #falknerjarrell #blumenstielgenealogy #familyhistory #genealogy #familyphotos #ancestry #history #knowyouroots #antiquephotograph #family #vintagephotography #oldphotos #oldphoto #ancestor #antiquephoto #genealogyresearch #familytree #familyhistorian #findyourroots #traceyourroots #genealogia #familyarchives #blumenstiel #freeportil #illinois #greatgreataunt #motherandchildren #campbell #cousins #genealogia

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  1. Clara was my grandmother. My mother was her youngest daughter Shirley. I was trying to look up some information on my grandparents when I came across this and found it very interesting


    1. Hello Cousin! I’m the great-grandson of Clara’s older half
      -brother, John William Blumenstiel, and grandson of Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. Our branch of the family moved to Detroit, but Grandma kept in touch with your grandmother and visited her in Freeport. I have other photos of Clara and Frank and her parents that I am happy to share, if you are interested. My name is Craig Falkner and my genealogy e-mail is, if you want more information. Best Regards!


  2. Nice to meet you cousin. I remember my grandmother talking about your great grandfather. My mother passed away a year and a half ago and she gave me a lot of information before she passed. She gave me a lot of family photographs and I’m not really sure who they all are. I will be retiring this year and was looking yet digging into the family history. Yes always interested in photographs I have a lot here as well if you are interested. Again nice meeting you


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