Schermack Corporation Factory, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Schermack Corporation factory at 1164 W. Baltimore, Detroit, Michigan, USA. The Schermack companies were founded by inventor Joseph J. Schermack. He began the Schermack Mailing Machine Company in 1906 to manufacture the Schermack Mailing Machine, later known as the Mailometer. The company later sold the mailing machine to the Mailometer Corporation and focused on the manufacture of postage stamp vending machines, with sidelines in other vending machines and round underarm razors for women. Schermack is known to stamp collectors for producing rolls of stamps for mailing and vending machines, with custom perforations. The most widely used perforation was the Schermack Type III, known as the hyphen-hole perforation. Many family members worked at the company, including Joseph’s brother-in-law, John William Blumenstiel, and niece, Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #familyhistory #familyphoto #genealogy #schermack_genealogy #schermackcompanies #stampvendingmachine #postagestamps #postagestamp #postalhistory #falknerjarrell #detroit #detroithistory #michiganhistory #blumenstiel_genealogy

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