Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. (1876-1950)

Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. (1876-1950). Inventor of mailing machines, vending machines and other devices. According to a Scientific American article in 1929, “he has done more to make automatic vending a commercial success than any man in this country”. He is most associated with postage stamp vending machines and private stamp perforations made for use in his devices. He was born in Freeport, Illinois, USA and moved to Detroit in 1906 to found the Schermack Mailing Machine Company (later called the Mailometer Company). He ultimately focused on vending machines, founding various companies, including Schermack Products Corporation. He was my great-great uncle and maternal uncle to Dorothy Blumenstiel Jarrell. #familyhistory #detroit #detroithistory #schermackcompanies #schermackgenealogy #stampvendingmachine #stampcollection #stampcollector #genealogy #falknerjarrell #vending #vendingmachines #schermack #josephjschermack #inventor #inventions #patent #dog #dogs #scottiedog #scottie

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